Road Map

Phase 1: Foundation and Launch

Project structure finalization and team formation. Smart contract development and testing. Official project announcement and community creation. Preparation for fair launch via PinkSale. Successful launch of the NSBK token with equitable distribution.

Phase 2: Building Momentum

Introduction of automated platforms, such as NFT Minting. Initiation of marketing strategy and partnerships to increase visibility. Launch of the Token Farming platform to reward holders. Active community engagement through events and competitions.

Phase 3: Expanding Ecosystem

Launch of the NFT Farming platform, expanding reward opportunities. Exploration of exchange listings to enhance liquidity. Implementation of smart contract improvements for optimization. Continued community growth and strategic partnership development.

Phase 4: Achieving Sustainability

Focus on ecosystem expansion and NSBK use cases. Development of additional features for existing platforms. Exploration of integrations with other projects and external services. Encouragement of holder participation in governance and decision-making. Establishment of long-term community reward programs.


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