Fair Launch - PinkSale

“Introducing NSBK – the NEW Shiba Black token, set to launch on the BSC network. Our fair launch via PinkSale guarantees equity. With a 6% transaction fee – 1% burnt, 2% Liquidity, 3% for marketing – get ready- if to embrace the future!”



Set 02,2023 (15:00 GMT)


Set 5,2023 (15:00 GMT)

Tokens for sale PinkSale

10.000 NSBK (1%)

Tokens exchange rate

1 BNB = ? NSBK, 1 USD = ? NSBK

“Join us on PinkSale for a launch that’s not just fair, but fabulously revolutionary!”


Supply: 1.000.000


“Connect with Us: Have questions or ideas? Reach out to us and become part of the New Shiba Black conversation today!”